Exploring the investment in California banked games.

For my gaming friends and fans, here’s some info on playing banked games in California as a investment…

Here is the real deal – California offers 3-4 different player banked games; Pia-gow, Super Pan 9, Baccarat and California blackjack, dealt by a dealer for the rake of 2-3 sometimes 4 dollars per hand from the banker. The players pay $1 per hundred wagered. Unless you are at Oceans 11 in Oceanside Ca. Every player at the game gets the chance to bank and have the advantage for two hands per round (this is state law), and if you are a bit of a hustler then you can get it for more like six hands co-banking with other players. Most of the time 3-4 players get in the bank to cover all the action on the table. This limits your exposure for going broke.

Now there are two issues I think that probably keeps one from earning a living on California banked games:

1. You can’t get in enough hands to make it worth your while individually. personally I have never tried to see how many banking situations I could get into. So, who knows, maybe you could overcome this obstacle with partnerships and some though.

2. If you had six honest co-players I think you could get into 15 hands an hour and really make some money. I am just not sure its enough for six people to split.

And if I had my choice of which one to bank I would bank blackjack. It’s the game where your skill and knowledge can really pay off. Novice players at the table make more mistakes with their hands, and the other games you have what you have. With Pai-Gow, Super Pan 9 you might as well flip a coin. So, you tell me? I’d really like to hear from anyone making a living at this. Sharing is caring.