Is gambling coming to your city or state?

Is gambling coming to your city or state? Most likely it is already there in one form or another.
States and cities everywhere seem to be looking toward gambling to help meet budget shortfalls and add jobs to stimulate local economy. But is gambling really good for you and your family where you live?

My name is Scott Asher, I have worked in the gambling industry for over 10 years. I am a expert in gambling odds and statistics. I have no position on gambling, I happen enjoy gambling, but I also think that gambling should not lurk in the neighborhoods and be allowed to prey on hard working American families.

I was recently reading online about new gambling legislation being passed in a state new to gambling, words like more jobs and more money going to come to your area! Sounds exciting, but how much of that is really true?

I am from Las Vegas, we recently moved to the Denver for the new gambling legislation that had passed about one year ago. It was interesting, because we heard that same eerie echo of “jobs” and “more money” but none of that seem to materialize. Outside Denver about 30 miles in Blackhawk and Central City before July 1st 2009 were allowed $5 dollar limit gambling. After many years of gambling purgatory, Colorado passed a new law that would allow people to gamble 100$ and they would stay open 24 hours similar to Deadwood South Dakota’s current gambling limits.

So who is the winner when casinos come to town? Unfortunately it’s not you… sad to say that most of the jobs that Colorado boasted where given to people from places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other popular gambling destinations. To be honest these are the only people qualified for these type of jobs. The dealers and staff that where currently in Colorado where only qualified to pay $5. Not even the floor staff that had overseen the operation of the casino knew anything about even how to play dice let-alone deal and most have been replaced with staff from Las Vegas.

So where are all the jobs? Well all is not lost! The people that had been leaving Colorado in search of work have been replaced with new residents from places like Florida, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, I would say that 80% of the staff added in Blackhawk and Central City are from out of state. This helped local landlords with vacant, the state with new vehicle registrations, new state taxpayers, fees for new gaming license.

So what jobs did the new gambling legislation bring to Colorado?

  • House keeping (for cleaning the rooms)
  • Bartenders (to serve the gamblers drinks)
  • Pawn Brokers (to help with short term loans)
  • Check cashing attendants (to make short term loans to people in crisis)
  • Need more cops to patrol for DUI’s
  • Emergency response for crashes related to DUI’s
  • More gaming enforcement agents.

*and many other minimum wage jobs

What happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas. It is no secret that Vegas is a place that hides it’s sins well. I for one have never been a fan of Las Vegas. Even know Vegas likes you to believe that is a family place. I don’t think so, personally I don’t feel like anyone under the age of 21 should be allowed in the city limits. Why? well, how about Nevada schools are the worst in the country, doesn’t gambling revenues cover some of that? How does a place that has billion dollar casinos have schools that rival some jails, and teachers that seem better fit to run a drive though at a local fast food place. Maybe they need to check someone’s pockets. Speaking of checking someones pocket, in places where gambling is present, they often have issues with bad checks, petty crime and crimes of moral turpitude.

Is gambling right for where you live? Leave gambling for the professionals, because in the end you’ll be the loser.