The best way to play video poker [free tip]

I have a little tip for video poker players that I personally use when I pay Video Poker in Vegas and many other great places. I share what I think is the best way to play Video Poker in Las Vegas – My plan is called the probe attack.

Basically what I do is – I first walk into the Casino and look at the banks of machines and see if Jackpots and cash-outs are even taking place. Then I take mental notes if it is outer or inner locations that the payouts are taking place.

The next I break out my bankroll up into small chunks or 100’s, 20’s or 10’s depending on what limits you want to play. Then I jump around a lot and try to hit small jackpots then if I hit something, I will try to play that bank of machines. If I am not hitting any hands in one casino, I quickly move to another one because things change

These days trying to find a good paying 9-7 or 10-6 video poker machine is almost unheard of Las Vegas, so you are left with trying to chase jackpots or trying to scrape out a wins.

Best places in Vegas to play Video Poker in my opinion: South Point, Grocery Stores, Venetian, Green Valley Ranch, The Orleans, Sun Coast.

I think many casino’s in the strip area are tightening the machines, BUT depending on the state you live in, Gaming laws might require the casino to have some machines to payout at a much better rate. So finding these machines can be hard, but when you do, it can be your personal ATM machine!

Tip: I think it is a mistake to sit and play one video poker machine with all your money, but I know many people do.
If I am playing quarters, I will play 20 dollar shots and move on to the next machine.

If I am playing dollars, I will play 100 and move on to the next machine.

Tip – make a note where you have hit big hands in past trips, then play the machines in that area. But most casino will change the floor plan.

Don’t forget – playing video poker is losing behavior. In the long run you are going to lose your money. I enjoy playing video poker, and sometimes the money ain’t bad!