What is the deal with this i-Verify for Pia-Gow?

If you play Pia-Gow in Las Vegas you may have noticed something new on some the Pia-Gow tables.  It is little machine at the table sitting in-front of the dealer, called an i-Verify, and it tells the dealer how to set the hand automatically. *even before looking at the cards.

If you are reading this posting, you are more than likely a little disturbed about the whole thing. I know I am! I have been playing Pia-Gow for a long time and this i-Verify has put me into a tailspin. But, I have a theory!

My theory: I think this i-Verify is stacking the deck so that there is more pushes, how would this help? this allows the Casino to capture the fortune bet that has a much higher take than the main bet. Of-course I don’t have any data to back this up, but you are here. 🙂 and another fun fact, I have never had so many hands without a kicker in my hand.